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Healing Services in Malaysia
Sunday, May 11, 2008
Healing Session

Last Friday, I attended Mass and Bob Canton's healing session in Blessed Sacrament Church, in Kuching, Malaysia. It is actually a 3 day seminar by Bob Canton, a Filipino who's now residing in the States for over 30 years. He is well-known for healing the sick and casting out evil spirits. He is the AFCCPC National Coordinator and concurrently US representative to the ICCRS (International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services) in Rome.

It is a 3 days seminar with 3 consecutive nights of Mass and healing sessions starting on Wednesday (7/5/08) but I only went for the final night which is on Friday. Mass started at 7pm followed by praise & worship, prayer (praying in tongues) and healing session. The church was packed with people, some from other churches and other countries as well. There were some from the Anglican church, some who were pagans, and some who came all the way from Indonesia, Sibu, etc. The church was so full that lots of people had to stand outside the church and had no place to sit. My family and I were one of those who had to stand outside the church without a place to sit..hehe!

During the healing session, a lot of people were healed. God worked wonders. Miracles happened. The blind can see again. The deaf can hear. The lame can walk. Cancer patients were cured. Tumors and lumps in the body were gone. Those who were possessed were freed from evil spirits. Lots of people had been changed and renewed. A lot of miracles happened that night and I was there to witness them all. Those who were healed by the Lord came up to the front to give testimonies. Some have been blind and crippled for many, many years and now they can see and walk again. Praise God. Alleluia! God is good all the time.

The healing session ended quite late. I'm not sure what time as I went home early at about 10:20pm. That night was a really joyful and meaningful night as a lot of people were healed and renewed of their faith in Christ. Again, praise God. Alleluia!

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Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc
Stephen Berinoe (Kuching- Malaysia)

My name is Stephen Berinoe, I am 47 years old and I work in the medical field.

Sometime before the Healing Crusade, I had been diagnosed with Prolapsed Intervertebral disc, the result of which was that I was in so much pain that I could not walk.

I had suffered this before in 2003 (1st episode), then I had a relapse on 20.4.08. I had to attend the Healing Crusade on a wheel chair. I had been bedridden for 3 weeks

On the 8th May 2008 at about 8.30pm on the first night of the Healing Rally, at the start of the Healing session, Bob called for those on wheel chair to come forward and be prayed with. My family members wheeled me forward and Brother Bob prayed over me and then he asked me to walk

I found I not only could walk but after a little while I could eventually run!

I feel very much better, and I am not using the wheel chair anymore.

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Heart/Kidneys Healed
Sister Adriana Tiong (Kuching- Malaysia)

On February 2007, I was hospitalized for about 9 days at the Cardiac Unit, Sarawak General Hospital Kuching with breathing difficulties and fluid in my lungs. Ultrasound, Scan and MRI tests showed that one heart artery was partially hardened, a second artery was 100% blocked and a 3rd artery was 90% blocked and the heart specialists advised surgery if I wanted to live longer.

However, as my kidneys were also not good, tests showed that my kidneys had shrunk by some 20%, surgery could not be performed even though my condition demanded immediate attention and surgery. For the same reason, the doctors also did not dare do an angiogram on me.

These problems began at the end of February 2006 after my election as Superior General of the Congregation, the 10th Chapter.

On the morning of 9th May 2008, a friend of mine took me to the Bob Canton workshop and I arrived late at about 10.30am in the morning when the sessions had already started. Just as my friend and I walked in the door at the back of the Hall, Brother Bob received a word of knowledge and said that the Lord wants to heal someone present with congestive heart failure and that the Lord wanted to give this person a new heart. He went on to say that this person was hospitalized recently.

I immediately went forward to claim my healing. When Bob prayed for me, I fell to the floor and rested in the Spirit and I heard Bob saying, "God is giving her a new heart!". Whilst I was down on the floor, I felt a slight pain on my left part of my chest that went upwards to my left shoulder. I sensed that my breathing became heavy. When the Emmaus Healing Team members were praying the Divine Mercy Novena I felt the pain subsided slowly and I could breath normally again.

I was told that during the time when I was resting in the spirit, a sister from the Emmaus Community had a vision of surgery taking place and saw a heart being taken out and replaced by a new heart and the artery being stitched together.

The good Lord has indeed changed a new heart for me. Since that morning, I have felt very well. Whereas before I was not able to climb stairs and had to sleep in a room on the ground floor at the convent, I now can climb 2 flights of stairs carrying my bags without difficulty. I no longer feel breathless or short of breath. My complexion is now healthy whereas I used to look pale before. I used to feel giddy and was fearful of traveling alone as I did not feel well and was worried I could faint anytime. All that is gone and the doctors recently told me that my kidneys are practically functioning normally again!

I praise and thank God for this Divine intervention and healing

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Numbness in Leg Gone
Vincent Foo (Kuching- Malaysia)

In 1992 when I was hospitalized for a serious slipped disc condition (the attending doctor told me that had I delayed going to him for treatment), there was a strong possibility that I might have become paralyzed.

I was in terrible pain 23/7 even after taking strong pain killer medication. Many people came to pray over me but I only experienced slight sensation on my back. That evening my second daughter, Letitia, and a friend prayed over me by laying their hands on my left leg where the original problem had started. After a short while, I experienced a warm sensation on my left leg that soon spread all over my body. Then I felt a jolt like when you're in a lift and it stops. This happened three times. After that the pain receded completely. The next day when the doctor came to check on me he was surprised that although he lifted my left leg very high I did not scream in pain when before that I did so when he lifted it only a couple of inches.

After I was discharged from hospital, my left leg was usually numb and the sole of my left foot was always cold to the touch. I couldn't stand or sit for long periods and any prolonged contact of my left leg to water would cause it to go into cramps. After several years when there was no improvement, I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to bear with the slight disability for the rest of my life.

One thing that Sr. Briege said made a big impact on me. She said that every Mass was a healing Mass.

I promoted this idea to my friends leading some of them to perceive that I did not believe in healing sessions whether conducted in conjunction with a Mass or otherwise.

Although there were a number of healing sessions that were held in various churches, I did not attend. My main reason was that I wanted to give way to those who were suffering from really serious sicknesses such as cancer. To me my problem was a very small cross that I was quite happy to bear.

When the Bob Canton Healing Crusade started and my wife Lily said she wanted to go with her cousin who stays quite a distance from our house, I initially did not want to go. Only when I realized that it was a big sacrifice for my wife's cousin to come such a long way to pick her and later to send her back that I told her I would drive her to the Blessed Sacrament Church although it was raining and it was difficult for me to drive in such conditions.

On the first night during the general healing session on the 070508 at about 8.45pm, when Bob prayed for people for healing, I experienced waves of pleasant sensation on my back. I knew I was being healed by the Lord although I had not asked for any specific healing. This sensation has continued until today whenever I receive the Eucharist although I do not understand its implication.

The day after the healing session ended, I was surprised to find that my left leg was no longer numb and that the sole of my left foot was no longer icy to the touch. I immediately told my wife, Lily about it and she checked and confirmed that what I experienced was true. That Sunday while attending Mass I suddenly realized that my left leg, which was a bit shorter than my right one due to a football injury that occurred in the early 1950s, was now of the same length with my right leg. I knew this by the way I stood compared to how used to stand before.

I praise and thank the Lord for healing me. I now realize that if the Lord so chooses he would heal anyone of us from even minor problems. I continue to ask the Lord for guidance as to what he wants me to do, if anything, for the remainder of my life.

Praise the Lord!

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Vision Improves
Jessy Chin (Kuching- Malaysia)

I would like to share my testimonial with you when I attended the healing mass during last June 2008. Actually, I could not believe myself that my mum actually agreed to attend the mass. We are from a family of strong Taoist. My family would not believe in Christ and not to say allowing me to attend any fellowship at the church.

I studied in St Mary's School since primary 1. I was exposed to bible class when I was in my secondary school. So, from there I have some ideas about the bible study although it wasn't a thorough one. I also could not explain why I am so interested in it and one day I told my parents about my intention to be a Christian. Of course, like normal people do I am obviously being rejected by my family. I have friends who are from Methodist church also came to my house to explain to my parents but then left our house not too long after their conversation. My parents objectedand they strongly believe that if you are born in family of your religion, then you must follow what your ancestor's religion. So, my intention has been KIV from then.

12 years later (which are now 2008), I came across the brochure about the healing mass organized by the Blessed Sacrament Church. I immediately noted down the dates and I took the right time to speak to my mum about it. She has been not well (on-off sickness) all the while. So I told her that perhaps it is the time for us to seek for Jesus' help instead of our existing deity (in Taoism term). I was nervous. I just tried my luck. I am so surprised that she agreed. When the day came, one night before the healing mass I told my mum that if she thought of wanting to attend the mass just get ready and I will be going home from work early and took her there. On the way back home on the actual day, I left my work place early and didn't think much about it because I have been rejected before. I am so surprised that she was so ready with everything when I stepped into the house. So, I quickly took my bath and headed to the church.

On the first healing night at the church, my mum was prayed by Brother Bob Canton. She was so happy because she was healed. Her left eye was blind since she was at my age. She was beaten by her sister-in-law. When Brother Bob prayed for her, she said she could see clearer. Previously, she saw many figures in her eyes as the figures are not focused. Although she is still seeing several figures, but she said at least her vision is clearer. As for me, I didn't get to be prayed by Brother Bob. I was prayed by one guy (I forgot his name) on the first night. As he laid his hand on my forehead I smelt fragrance of flowers flavor. Well, I though it must be the perfume used by that guy. I missed the second night healing mass. I attended the last day of the healing mass. My mum and I were sat at the last row and the end of the church. There were more crowds than the first night. People are sweating and there were body odour everywhere. Duringthe healing prayers, I smelt the same fragrance which I smelt on the first night. I was shocked. It can't be the perfume of than guy can travel so far up to the place I sat. I asked my mum whether she smelt any flower fragrance. She said no. I knew it must be the smell from God. I am so happy.

After the session, one day I told my mum that I actually intended to attend the bible class to learn more about Christianity. She agreed. So, I am attending my 4th session of the RCIA now. I am glad that the miracle happens. Although my dad and my hubby still disagree with my intention, I don't mind. At least there is a change to my mum's thinking as she was once strongly disagreeing with this religion.

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Wisconsin Healings

Pain Relieved
RV (Milwaukee, WI)

I have had an ongoing infection in my rectal area for more than a year now. I have had surgery for it and had lots and lots of courses of antibiotics. I can hardly sit for more than 1 hour without causing pain. You prayed for me at the Healing Retreat at St Elizabeth Ann Seton in New Berlin, Wisconsin. We went on a long road trip recently and drove for more than 6 hours and I NOTICED THAT I HARDLY HAD ANY PAIN.I JUST WANT TO THANK THE LORD FOR THE HEALING THAT HE HAS DONE.

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Carpal Tunnel Pain Gone
Wally (Milwaukee, WI)

My wife and I were part of the healing teams on the Friday June 6, 2008 Healing Mass at Mary Queen of Heaven Parish. We prayed over people. I do have carpal tunnel which has been bothering me for the past year or so. A lot of times I wake up in the night because of the pain. The next day, I REALIZED THAT THE PAIN WAS GONE. Just being in the prayerful environment and GOD'S PRESENCE,I WAS HEALED. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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Walking/Hearing Regained
Marjorie Takavitz (Menomonee Falls, WI )

On June 7, 2008, I was at the Healing Retreat in New Berlin, WI. I was expecting great things and I knew the Lord was working in my life. Bob prayed over me and I was able to hear. He asked me to walk without my cane and I did! Since then, I HAVE NOT USED MY CANE AND HEARING AIDS ANYMORE!

I broke my back 2 years ago and the doctors said they could not do anything anymore. But JESUS, the Divine physician, can do anything! I was so excited when I went back to my nursing home. I felt like I was bursting out of my skin. I kept sharing what the Lord has done. I GIVE ALL THE POWER AND THE HONOR DUE TO HIM!!!

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Hearing Regained
John Gottfried(Wisconsin)

At the Healing Service, Bob asked those with deafness to come forward and I did. I used to wear hearing aids in both ears.Then he put his fingers in my ears, I felt a pop, then things sounded louder and clearer. I GIVE GLORY AND PRAISE TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS AND FOR HEARING OUR PRAYERS.

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Family Healed
Alvin (Kuching)

Shalom and Praise God! I hope you remember me, I am Alvin, Cyril and Eileen's son from Kuching. I praise and thank God for giving Andrea (my wife), Mikkel (my son) and I the opportunity to meet up with you together with Gus and Rick.

The reason for writing this is to give thanks and praise for the Lord's wonderful healing power. Before I met up with you three, I had a fractured last rib and been feeling the pain for over 3 weeks. My doctor had mentioned that there is nothing much that can be done but to let it heal naturally which will take a course of about 6 months while wearing a lumbar support corset. It was sad for me as I could not really carry my son and play with him like I used to. I felt quite a lot of pain just by carrying him for a while. I had the fracture due to a freak accident while practicing for a drama presentation of, "The Prodigal Son".

During your praying over, Brother Bob with Brother Gus and Rick, Ii rested in the Holy spirit and I could feel no pain even when I fell down. The pain was just gone. Praise God! I felt peace and joy while resting. When it was my wife's turn to be prayed over, I was her catcher. When she rested, I felt no pain at all when I was holding her. I know that the Lord had touched me and healed me. Praise His Almighty name and healing hands. This Sunday, I am all ready to be the instrument to carry the message of the parable of the prodigal son as the prodigal son. Give praise to Him!

Thank you very much.

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Cancer Gone
Rosario Caballero (Antioch, CA)

Bob Canton had come to Oakley California to have a Healing Service for us back in September of 2007. At the same time my husband was in Mexico with his mother who had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor that because of the location of the tumor, was not operable. I invited my sister- in- law to Bob's Healing service for her to be proxy for her mother. When Bob was praying over my sister-in-law, I felt peace and I experience joy. A little while later,I found out my mother-in-law was feeling better. The family then, decide to bring her over to U.S.A. for treatment for the cancer. The doctor's had her last biopsy from Mexico, but decided to do another one in April of this year to see how much the cancer had advance. To everyone's suprise, the doctors could not find any trace of cancer or her tumor. Jesus had HEALED HER back in September of 2007 and NOW it was confirmed.


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Open Heart Surgery

I can't remember if I ever gave you a testimony about the healing of my brother, Dr. Clayton Glasgow. In August of 2006 I had called you (Bob Canton)for prayers because he had been taken to hospital with problems in the legs - blockages and bypass surgery - quadruple (?) had to be performed on him and he was in hospital and rehab for a few months.

With myself as proxy you prayed for Clayton several times. It was felt that he might not be able to perform surgeries again because of his feet. But God is a God of miracles and Clayton was healed and back to performing surgeries and delivering babies. His heart is in good condition and there had been no damage to the heart from the previous blockage. Late last year he had a problem with the leg and was hospitalized. I called you immediately when I learned of this and you prayed for Clayton using me as proxy once again. You also said that the Lord said that there would be no surgery. The problem would be fixed by other methods. I did not tell them anything.

A few days later I received a call that the doctors would not operate and that his condition would be treated with medication. Praise God he is well again - back to driving and performing his surgeries. GOD IS TO BE PRAISED FOR HIS MIRACLES. These experiences have brought him much closer to the Lord. Please continue to lift him and his family up in prayers.

I would also like to give thanks and praise for my own healing of my thyroid condition. I had a comple thyroidectomy in March 2006. I had been previously healed of suspected cancer after the first surgery in November of 2003 - this was confirmed by a full body scan in August of 2007. You had prayed with me several times before the scan. However, the thyroglobulin antibody level was elevated from -2 to 3.4 and also the thyroglobulin level.

The Lord directed me to a new Endocrinologist who carefully studied my case which she considered unique (this was my third thyroid surgery - I had one in Guyana in 1973 then the 2 here in California -- the gland kept regenerating itself). She prescribed a new treatment and ordered another blood test after 2 months. You had prayed over me the night before the blood test speaking to the thymoglobulin levels. God is good. I have just received my results. Both levels have gone down to normal where they should be for someone without a thyroid gland and cancer free.

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Mariam Canton (Stockton, CA)

I have have been on medication for glaucoma for almost two years. The doctor put me on this medicine that helps my eye pressure go low. If my eye pressure goes too high, I could lose my eye sight. My doctor told me that I will be on this medicine for a life time. Every night I had to put eye drops in each eye, hoping that the pressure will go down. My eye doctor had to see me every four weeks. Each visit, he would ask, "Are you taking this medicine every night? Your pressure did not go down very much, so I will switch you to another medicine." I then took another medicine. Still, my eye doctor was not really happy with the results. My mother suggested that I should get prayed over by my uncle, Bob Canton. To tell the truth, I did not feel like I deserved to get prayed over because I just felt so guilty of the sins I have committed and was scared to ask God to heal my eyes. Weeks passed and my mom continued to urge me to get prayed over. One day, Uncle Bob came to use my computer. My mom quickly asked him to pray over my eyes. I felt kind of uneasy about this because I was scared to come forth to the Lord. After my uncle prayed over me, I felt better, somehow. I felt like God was there with me.

A few days passed and I had to go see another eye doctor. He did some tests. I waited in the room, feeling very nervous and anxious. I prayed a quick prayer to God. Finally, the doctor came in with my tests and said, "This is outstanding. You passed the test! You do not have glaucoma. This is incredible." I smiled so hard. The eye doctor told me that I need to see Dr. Wong, the glaucoma specialist, to see if I still need to take the medicine for my eyes. Passing the glaucoma test made me cry. That showed me how much God loves me and still listens to me even though I have committed so many sins. There I was, feeling so guilty and not wanting to get prayed over, but then God still comes along with His touch for me! On the way home, I just kept crying. Praise God, He does so many wonders and it is so amazing! And one more thing; Dr. Wong told me that I do not have to take the medicine for my eyes. Imagine that! I was supposed to take that medication for a lifetime, and now I am off it! This is all because of the Lord! God has touched me. To those out there who are afraid to speak with God, DO NOT BE AFRAID. This miracle has taught me that God is there for you no matter what. The Lord is so good and that is so wonderful! We should always praise the Lord. He does so many wonders. Thank You Jesus! (February, 2007)

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Cecil, Helen, Chelsea, and Ben Andre

My daughter, Chelsea, was born clinically blind on her right eye. It is a one in a million case according to the specialists of UCLA's Eye Institute. The diagnosis was tissue hyperplasia vitrius ( not sure of the spelling). A tissue that was suppose to dissolve between the retina and the lens while in the womb did not dissolve that cause the lazy eye movement and also no vision. It was discovered later, when she was 10 months old, that the tissue already hardened and it was no longer possible to do surgery because the procedure can further damage the lens and the retina. The eye specialists said that a human being can live for 150 years with only one eye working. For the last 11 years, she had only one eye working. A miracle happened on the 9th of March when we attended your healing service at the Our Lady of Las Vegas. After you prayed over her, she was slain by the Spirit. She was touched by the Holy Spirit and cried. When you tested her vision, I was surprised that she was able to follow your hand movement with her left eye being covered. I've been attending prayer healings and this is more dramatic and real. God waited for this moment of her age to heal her right eye so that young people and all people will know that Jesus is alive by the power of His Holy Spirit. That He is the same yesterday, today and forever. As a family we will continue to pray for complete healing of our souls, for daily conversion, and to serve the Lord. Praise the Lord! Alleluia! Hail Mary! Respectfully yours, Cecil, Helen, Chelsea and Ben Andre. (March, 2007)

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Martha Valles

I want to thank the Lord for the miracle He has given us through Bro. Bob Canton. This miracle has enabled my sick mother to breathe without oxygen. Let me tell you the story about my Mom.

Three months ago my mother's health started to deteriorate. Her doctor gave her all medication needed plus oxygen to sleep. Instead of getting better, she become worse and she needed oxygen 24 hours round the clock. Without inhaled oxygen her blood oxygen saturation drops to 46 % or lower, which is very bad and dangerous. This continued for the last 3 months and she has been confined to her room. She used the restroom with much difficulty, getting easily short of breath.

When my husband told me about the prayer meeting that was to be held on Saturday, April 14, 2007, I was worried how I would tell my boss as I would be missing work, but, praise the Lord, she had no problem with it. I then told my sister to have my mother ready by 8:00 on Saturday morning because we were going to bring her to a Healing Mass. On Friday I needed to buy oxygen but I ran out of time. On Saturday morning when I called the oxygen company they said they were closed and I told them, "please I need the oxygen so I can bring my Mom to the Healing Mass" and the lady told me to go and bring $40 cash and they will give me 2 tanks. When I went to get the money from my bank my PIN number did not work. It looked like everything was going wrong. Thank God that the bank was open. I entered just with my ATM card, had no ID and went to the teller. I told her I needed money to buy my Mom oxygen and she ask for ID and I told her, "sorry, I left it in my car." She asked a few questions and then gave me the money. I ran to get the oxygen and went home to pick up my Mom. It was very close to 11:30 and I found no traffic on my way home or going to the prayer meeting. When we left the house my mother gave great effort to go down the stairs. I told my sister to put the oxygen setting on 3 liters. We forgot to put oxygen back to 2 liters (oxygen in the tank will last only 4 hours at a setting of 2 liters). In the middle of the prayer meeting I noticed that the oxygen tank was almost empty. I said, "Lord, if things get worse from here I will have to get my Mom admitted to University Medical Center."

When Brother Bob Canton prayed over my mother, he asked to remove the oxygen tank. I felt scared but I did what he told me. She became very short of breath, especially when he asked her to walk. My mother stated, "I was gasping for air and I didn't know how I was able to walk back and forth." Then she sat down and started to relax. Color came back to her face and she started to breathe slowly and more calmly. She was able to hold without oxygen for almost 15 minutes without struggle. The prayer meeting continued and more prayers were said over her. She fainted and when she woke up she said, "I cannot breathe!" She was lying flat on the floor. We put her up and she recovered very quickly without the oxygen. The prayer meeting finished and my mother walked to the food section without oxygen. She ate and we stayed for another 30 minutes in the room. We left and she was walking, pushing her wheelchair without oxygen. Half way to the door she became short of breath and we put the inhaler and she recovered very fast. We left and in the car she said "I feel like I have the oxygen on and I can take deep breaths." We were very happy and my sister and I started to say, "Amen, thank you, Jesus!" I was so happy I brought her to eat ice cream! We arrived home around 9 pm. She still was without oxygen. She sat down in my family room for 10 minutes. Then she went up stairs. She got short of breath but she recovered promptly. We checked for the oxygenation and she was at 72 % after 5 hours with no oxygen. She said, "I feel very good." We started to thank the Lord for such a blessing. She slept with the oxygen last night and when she woke up her oxygen saturation, with the setting at only 1 liter, was at 80%. Before, it would be in the low 50's. Then she took off the oxygen and spent the whole day without it and her oxygenation did not drop below 75%. Walking to the bathroom did not get her short of breath.

I called Brother Bob at 9:50 pm and I left a message of gratitude. Then the one who became short of breath was me. He called me back and started to pray on the phone with me. After I hang up I noticed my respiration became settled and I was feeling better.

Thank you Lord Jesus for the favors I have received. Thanks for giving my mother a second chance to live! I beg the Lord Jesus Christ to keep Brother Bob free of any harm and to give him health and strength to keep going around the world helping people as he helped my family. God bless you and your family, Brother Bob Canton. My Mom's oxygen saturation is 74% after15 hours with no oxygen. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Martha Valles (April, 2007)

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Agatha O'Shea (Laughlin, NV)

Last Fall I attended my first Charismatic Renewal Service in Laughlin. In the past I had attended healing services in the Boston area offered by Fr. Edward McDonough. I always came away feeling refreshed and renewed and definitely de-stressed and much improved.

The Healing Service at St. John the Baptist Church was conducted by Brother Robert Canton. The very first "healing" message he received was for a stomach/colon problem. He called it out twice but there was no response from the congregation. For many years I have had quite a few problems with my stomach and colon, diagnosed as Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS). However, when Brother Bob called out the healing I was afraid to think that this applied to me. Finally, I summoned the courage to raise my hand and come forward. He prayed over me and I felt weak in my knees and I fell back on the floor and was told to stay there and was again prayed over. I felt warmth in my rib cage and abdominal area even though I was on the cold concrete floor. From that day forward, I have never had to take the strong stomach medication I had been on for years to ease the pain and discomfort of the many unpredictable flare-ups of this disease. I am very thankful and ever so grateful to the Holy Spirit for this wonderful healing. I am also grateful to Brother Robert Canton and to the many folks in the charismatic prayer groups for making this Healing Service available here at St. John the Baptist Church. I do continue to pray daily to the Most Holy Trinity and Our Lady (of the Matrix Medal) and make the sign of the cross on all my problem areas with my Matrix Medal and thank her each night for keeping me in her care. (May, 2006)

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Agatha O'Shea (Laughlin, NV)

During the time that I was being prayed over by Brother Bob Canton back in September of 2005, he had said that he was getting a message about a woman named Melissa. The name did not ring a bell with me at all. I had been hoping for a healing for my daughter, Veronica, from alcohol and prescription drugs that she had been on for back pain.

Several months later in a conversation with my half-sister who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, she mentioned how her daughter had quit on drugs and turned her life around and gotten away from individuals that would harm her. Her name is Melissa! After my telephone conversation with my sister it finally clicked with me. I went back and double-checked the time frame of that experience with Melissa and it coincided with my healing at St. John's in September of 2005.

It is a beautiful mystery about the way the Holy Spirit works. I apologize for the delay in giving this update. I'm truly and eternally thankful to God for the many miracles in my life and for all the dedication of those in the Charismatic Renewal Ministry that make possible these wonderful retreats in our churches. PS: I do apologize for taking so long to express my thanks and appreciation for such a wonderful gift of healing. Also, in the past months, I have had several occasions to utilize your Prayer Line for many friends and family members in need of prayers to see them through their medical crises. Thank you. (May, 2006)

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Joy Osuna (Toronto, Canada)

Our grandson, Caleb, turned two on October 26, 2006, and already the Lord is using him to glorify His name through his healing testimony. He celebrated his birthday at the Lord's Flock Prayer Group in Toronto.

Caleb was born 8 weeks premature in 2004. At age 10 days he contracted whooping cough which progressed to pneumonia. In one of his coughing spells, Caleb stopped breathing right in front of his mom, Dorothy. Being a nurse, Dorothy administered CPR while her mother-in-law called 911. Caleb was taken to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. We were all in the waiting room of the hospital but I could see the flurry of activities that went on. One of the nurses told us that Caleb was very sick and that they did not think he would make it through the night because his oxygen level was so low. When I heard this I just fell on the floor and cried and I asked God, "Why would you take back what you already have given us?" At this point I could see our lives without Caleb. My husband, Mario, was also crying but he picked me up and told me to calm down and pray with him. I could not pray but I went through the motions of praying. A few minutes later, Dorothy and her husband, Chad, came out of the ICU and told us that Caleb was hooked to a machine as he was not able to breathe on his own. He was in the hospital for more than a month. Every day we laid hands on him and prayed over him and asked God to please let him stay with us. It was very hard to see him with tubes all over his tiny face, hands, and feet.

Today Caleb is known as the Lord's Flock "miracle baby" and is a healthy and normal 2-year old. The doctor had told Dorothy that his bout with life-threatening pneumonia at such a young age may result in some brain damage, but we know that God has healed him completely.

God has healed Caleb for a reason - to tell people what God has done for him, joining the psalmist (Ps 9: 2-3) in proclaiming: I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart. I will recount all your wonders. I will rejoice in you and be glad, and sing psalms to your name, O most High! (April, 2007)

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Greg Acedo (Durham, NC)

When my granddaughter, Lauren, was 6 months old she was diagnosed with moderate hearing loss in both ears. The specialist told my daughter, Agnes, and her husband that Lauren will be needing a hearing aid throughout her life. They were devastated! Suddenly the future of their beautiful little girl was cloudy and uncertain. They had lots of questions on their mind: Would she learn how to talk? Would she be able to go to college? Would the other children be cruel to her? Would she ever hear her call her Mom? They prayed for strength but cried every day.

I told them to call Bro. Bob Canton in California so that he could pray over her. They reached him late one night in California and with their hands pressed on Lauren's ears, who was asleep, Bro. Bob prayed over her on the telephone. Over the next few weeks, she seemed to respond to their voices and other noises but they dismissed the signs as wishful thinking. After a month, they saw their doctor again for the check-up visit and for Lauren to be fitted with the hearing aid. They tested her hearing by sending signals to her hears and monitoring her brain response. Several levels of noise were tested starting with the loudest to the faintest and she responded to all. She could hear! The doctor had no explanation. We thank God for answering our prayers and for this tremendous grace. Lauren is now a talkative 2-1/2 year toddler who smiles all the time. She is one of the youngest witnesses to the power of God.

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Melba Barrameda (New York)

I suffered for many years from frequent burping after meals. It caused me much disappointment and embarrassment with my family, at work, in the church, and any place where I went. People would give me irritated looks and I am sure some considered me ill-mannered.

On the night of January 15, 2007, I felt so bad that I could not sleep. The following morning, I saw my doctor and she referred me for GI examination including a GI series and abdominal scan imaging and ordered a 24-hour urine collection for testing. The report that I got five days later was that I had "something bad in the lower abdomen." She referred me for CT scanning with contrast. The results showed that there was really something bad and could be more serious but that she could not decipher what it was. She prescribed Omeprazole and sent me to a gastroenterologist who found an 8-centimeter mass or lump on top and outside my stomach. I was scheduled for endoscopy on February 19, 2007. I fasted for three days. As St. Paul says in Hebrews 13:9 "it is good to have our hearts strengthened by grace and not by food, which do not benefit those who live by them." On the night of February 18, 2007, I asked Bob Canton to pray over me. As he invoked the power of the Holy Spirit and praised the Lord, he heard something and he asked me what it was. I told him that it was my burping. Then I felt so warm. Early in the morning I attended 7:00 o'clock Mass and praised the Lord before the Blessed Sacrament. As I was praying I heard a long sound come out on my extremity and I felt comfort. At 8:45 a.m. my husband drove me to the Queens Long Island Medical Group in Flushing, Queens. A nurse asked me to sign the consent slip. I continued praying and surrendered all the attending doctors and nurses involved in my care to the Lord. When I woke up from the endoscopy procedure, I asked "What happened?" The doctor told me, "We found nothing, nothing at all." I cried, rejoicing. For the Lord has set me free from the bondage of excessive burping. He is great and merciful, awesome, and worthy to be praised. Thank you, Lord, for our Brother Bob and I pray that You continue to use him for your glory and guard him against the attacks of the devil. Praise the Lord! (February, 2007)

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Theresa Ernst (Bradenton, FL)

On Friday, February 23, 2007, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Bradenton, FL, I received a healing of my hearing during a Healing Service conducted by you. I have been hearing-impaired for 30 years and wore hearing aids. When you called for those who wear hearing aids to come for prayer, I went up and you prayed over me. I was not there for myself but I was healed. I did not put the hearing aids in again and still don't wear them. I have difficulty at times but I praise God and I'm claiming the healing and thank God every day many times a day. When I have difficulty, I talk to my Healer and praise Him. I want to give testimony to that. My sister was with me and she witnessed it along with some friends and I'm telling different ones and I'm giving God the glory. I say the healing prayer you gave to everyone every day and continue to praise God and thank Him. I just wanted to give testimony to this. Thank God for your ministry and I pray for that. I gave a copy of your healing prayer to a friend with bad arthritis in her knees and together we pray for healing. Her name is Gloria. Please pray for her too. Thank you and God bless you. Theresa Ernst. (February, 2007)

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Anne T. Lynn (Charlotte, NC)

I just want to ask you if you were coming back to St. Matthew's this summer. Last year (June, 2006) when you were here I came to the Healing Service. I had been diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer, stage 4, in May. I never smoked. I have always had a great love for the Lord and in going to the Healing Service I just wanted to be at peace with all this. I have never been angry or asked "why me?" I have just asked the Lord what He would like me to do with this. I have heard Him very clearly say: Stay faithful to Me. I am doing great. Not only am I in partial remission, but I have never been more content and at peace. The Lord has always been dear to me. He is very much a real person in my life. I am so thankful for such a loving and caring Lord. No matter what happens to me in the future, I have Him right with me and I will be OK. I have said that healing prayer (you gave) every day and night since the Healing Service. I have prayed for your ministry. I would love to speak and glorify the Lord with my testimony if you come back this summer. Thanks and God bless. (June, 2007)

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Since I was twelve years old, I was diagnosed with a specific rare type of ovarian cysts. I was told at that time that due to my condition, I would never be able to conceive a child. I also learned later that the specific type of cysts that I had made me extremely susceptible to developing ovarian cancer, and the cysts had to be checked every few months to make sure they weren't developing into tumors. The cysts were so large that they constantly made my abdomen swollen and extremely painful. I started to get a sense in prayer that they were turning into tumors, and were no longer cysts. However, at the same time, my insurance coverage was changing, and the insurance company changed my doctor that I was referred to. So, I wasn't able to go in and get my normal tests in a timely manner.

Shortly after, I went to the healing service in Carson, and Bob Canton got a word of knowledge about my cysts/tumors. I felt strongly that the Lord was healing me, and by the time I sat back down in my seat, I could feel the swelling in my abdomen lessening. A few weeks later, I went to get my annual ultrasound to check on the status of my cysts. The technician looked at my last ultrasound before she started, just to be able to compare. She kept trying to do the tests over because she was in disbelief as to drastic difference in one year. She said she had never seen anything like it. She also said that in cases as severe as mine had been, they usually would recommend to remove the ovaries altogether, regardless of the patent's age (I am currenly 25). I was extremely lucky that I had a doctor originally that had faith that my condition would improve, and didn't subject me to a hysterectomy at such a young age. When my new doctor got the ultrasound results, he confirmed that I no longer have any cysts anywhere on either ovary.

I also have had a history of GI bleeding and upset for a number of years. The doctors had started to suspect that I also had Crohn's Disease, for which there is no cure, and the GI tract slowly deteriorates, eventually shortening the patient's life. I have had chronic pain feeling like a knife in my stomach and stomach upset for about seven years. To make matters worse, shortly after the healing service in Carson, I ate something that made me severely ill. I had to go to the emergency room twice, and still was not improving. I had been having bloody vomit and diarrhea for almost two weeks. I was scared because the insurance people at the hospital started asking me about my religious preference, and would I like them to call a priest if my condition didn't improve, etc. I called Bob Canton and asked him to pray with me over the phone. While the diarrhea didn't stop immediately, the bleeding did, and over the next couple of days, I gradually started to finally get better. Now, for the first time in years, I no longer have any bleeding, and my GI tract has finally regulated. I have some tests scheduled in about a week, and I expect that the tests will again confirm that I have been healed.

I had two other healings as well, and although these conditions weren't life threatening, they did affect my quality of life and happiness. When I was a child, I broke a lot of the bones in my body from various athletic accidents, and since developed arthritis in most of the joints in my body near the breaks. The part that was the most frustrating was the arthritis in my right hand. Many of the things I enjoy doing in my spare time are prohibited by the arthritis, such as sewing, knitting, etc. I generally have had problems with the pain and stiffness first thing in the morning, and particularly when it rains. It occurred to me that I have no more pain while in the car in the passenger seat, on the way to the healing service in the valley, and it was raining, and I was knitting. I realized that was the first time I had been able to do something like that in the rain since I was probably 10 years old!

Also, when I was four years old, I had my first of many lower back injuries in ballet class. I have had chronic back and spinal pain most of my life, and even suffered a couple of fractures once from a bad fall down a flight of stairs when I was about 18 (which ended my ability to do ballet). While at this second healing service, Bob got a word of knowledge about people getting healed of back pain, and I got extreme heat in my lower back, and heard a loud pop in my spine. My back feels so much better now, and I have actually been able to sleep without tossing and turning all night from my back pain.

I can't thank you enough, Bob, for all of your prayers. The Lord has truly worked a number of miracles in me, and I am so grateful. I had prayed for healing for my conditions for some time, and my current circumstances make me appreciate the healing even more. I am recently engaged, and am so relieved that I won't have to worry about the stress of being upset over whether or not the cysts will prevent me from conceiving once I am married!

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My husband and I were healed at the Scranton Conference in early August, 2005. We both wear hearing aids, but since then, have not worn them. We praise the Lord and thank you for your intercession. I have heard crickets and the rain on the roof without aid and it is wonderful. We have given testimony to all we know and find it sad to say that people for the most part do not believe us. They do not seem to feel that healing like this can occur in the Catholic Church. Isn't that sad? We say the (Healing and Keeping) prayer daily to reinforce our healing. This evening while on the phone it seemed that I could not hear as well with my left ear as the right. The left ear was also worse than the right. I am going to reinforce my prayers to retain our healing. Would you please intercede for us in strengthening us to keep this wonderful gift from God? Thank you and God bless your ministry. We will keep you in prayer. Bob Canton Returned to Hawaii to Minister Healing Services

"Focus on Jesus!"is what Bob Canton proclaimed to everyone present on Wednesday, March 9th, during the healing service at Our Lady of Good Counsel. Bob claimed that he is simply an instrument of God, and that "God is the ultimate healer."Well over 100 people, mainly from prayer groups throughout Oahu, were in attendance. Many, who were certain about their faith, were eager to experience the healing touch of God; and a few, who were uncertain of what they were about to encounter, were also present. He began his teaching with the power of the Holy Spirit, and told us to invoke the name of Jesus in every moment we experience difficulty. Then, he reminded us that we should continue to develop our personal relationship with Jesus, and that "the involvement of Jesus in our lives should be constant,"whether it is at home, work, in the car, etc. He talked about forgiving others who hurt us. He said, "The decision to forgive is difficult, but God gives us the grace to forgive."He reminded us of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and that we should go at least once a month. He mentioned how important it is to have our faith be on solid foundation. With the help of the music ministry, he then proceeded to the healing portion. He had everyone recite a beautiful prayer he wrote called the Healing and Keeping Prayer.

Shortly after reciting the prayer, Bob immediately sensed healing taking place on shoulders. Maria, was one of the two people, who were healed. She said, 'I had pain on my shoulders for the past two months, and now the pain is gone."Beth, a parishoner at St. Elizabeth, felt some sensation on her arm during the prayer. "My finger was stiff for almost a month, and now it is straight, and I feel no pain,"she said. Bob had a strong feeling of a number of people having cysts, tumors, and cancer; and, invited them to proceed to the altar for healing.

Bob called up those people next who had canes, walkers, and wheel chairs. Jacinta, who had knee surgery last year and has since been walking with a cane, was walking without one all evening. The music being played quietly kept the Spirit alive and present. People who had addictions were called and proceeded to the altar. And, immediately after, Bob had a strong sense that someone in the church had tried to commit suicide and that person should come forward to receive healing. After a few moments, Judy, a stunningly beautiful woman who wore a lovely black hat and dress, came forward. While Bob laid hands over her, the Spirit was working through her as her body began to slowly quiver while staggering backwards. I had a chance to talk to her afterwards, and she said, "I feel comforted now—like God is with me. God said to me, who else will I need more than the love and faith of Jesus? I can now continue on with what he wants me to do."

Still, some music being played quietly continued to set the tone throughout the evening, Bob called up next those who had high-blood pressure and hypertension. A large group went forward, and mostly all of them went down "resting"in the Holy Spirit. Lisa, one of the people who went up to receive healing, didn't expect what she heard from Bob. As she wiped her eyes full of tears, she said, "My coming here was God's plan. God is awesome!"Eager to tell me what Bob told her and continuing to wipe her tears, she whispered, "Bob told me that God has better plans for me than what I am asking for, and that I just need to believe in Him."We both looked at each other with comfort and gave each other a warm hug.

Bob then called up those people who had loss of hearing. Beth, one of the people who went up to receiving healing, was able to hear after Bob prayed over her. She was so overjoyed as she exclaimed to the crowd, "I can hear now! I can hear now! Praise the Lord!"Despite what her doctors told her that she would never be able to hear from her right ear again, she always prayed to God for it to be healed.

There were others that were healed that evening that are not mentioned here. The evening concluded with Bob reminding us that we receive the grace of healing, and that we must "claim our healing,"and trust that God will continue to heal us. The evening ended with fellowship and food that kept everyone wanting more. Bob also had healing services at St. John Apostle and Evangelist in Mililani, in Maui and Lanai. HCCRS will continue to pray for Bob for his healing ministry and his family, and to come again to share his gifts with us. The grace of healing continues in our midst, and we must focus on Jesus, the Divine Healer. As Sister Faustina had said, "Jesus, I trust in you."by Elma Amboy

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Healings From Lanai, HI


He has been suffering of Psoriasis according to the doctor and he noticed that it had came back every five years since he was young. When he came to church, he had been suffering for over a year. He heard that a Healing Ministry was going to be held at our church and his wife had asked him to go with her. Bob Canton assigned our church prayer group to pray for everybody. It was Manang Jessie and Manang Rosalina who came to me. I showed them my rashes and how bad my skin was. As soon as I left the church, I felt changes and since then the rashes started to disappear, itch no longer disturbing. Then, a week ago, I broke out in hives, the doctor saw me and until now no medicine, I continue to heal. I spoke to him today, April 1st. He said, Manang Jessie,, how good it is to feel how God loves me. I believe in him. I believe I am healed by God.

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I'M 48 years old and have experienced a few health problems in the last few years. For example in 2003, I have been having an acid reflux. Before Bob came to Lanai , I have been taking medicine for it, took blood test and scheduled to to to Honolulu for a sonogram exam and Upper GI on Tuesday, March 22nd. As of this day, 4/1/05 , the results of my exams are fine. Thank God for his Healing through Bob. In the past, I have difficulty sleeping and have a fear of flying in airplane especially the small ones. I have been sleeping better and coming home from Honolulu with a strong wind during our flight that was rough, I was calmed and at peace and was praying for my child who was very scared. God is awesome and wonderful, full of love and mercy. Doctor told me to continue taking medicine and eliminate it gradually which is what I am doing. Also, headaches and migraine that comes every month was not experienced at all during the month of March. Halleluia, Glory to God most High.

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Maria is 75 years old, Roman is 94 years old They were not planning to come because of her sore throat and cough and husband must be put to wheel chair and be carried. She decided to come last minute. He was the last one to come. Indeed it was a good thing because God healed her cough and sore throat instantly and when they reached home and tried to carry husband from the wheelchair to his bed, Roman was very light. It was easy to put him to bed. Thank God. March 29th when I called her again, she said after the Bob Canton Healing event, both she and her husband had a doctor check up. Husband is fine, but the doctor told her that she has high blood reading, but she knew that with her age the #s were fine. Because she wanted to obey her doctor to take a higher dosage of pills for her high blood pressure, she took them, after days she because very dizzy and went back to the clinic. At this time it was another doctor there. He diagnosed her and told her to go back to her old pills and as a matter of fact, he will reduce her dosage slowly. Just so everything is fine, he recommended to take another blood test. She is feeling that her blood test will be fine with the help of God.

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VERONICA FIGUERRES: 69 years old, Lanai City, HI

I have been sufferring hearing loss and ringing in my left ear since about 4 years ago. I went to our family doctor here on Lanai and went to a specialist in Honolulu and another doctor in Maui . The last doctor I went which was on Maui told me and my daughter that there is no cure. He donot know wheather the hearing will come back or not and suggested to wait for 10 months. Ten months have longed passed and it is still the same. With many prayers, sometimes I could hear, but the ringing is bad. Bob Canton came to Lanai and my daughter called us to go, do not wait till after the mass. Bob was giving a workshop to our church members. My husband and I went right away. Bob prayed over me and now I could hear clearly in my left ear and the ringing is not as often and intense as before. Thank God, I pray that I will be healed completely.

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I am in late sixties and have been suffering a bad migraine for many years and suffered often. Now it is gone, I am healed instantly by Jesus. Thank God and it is now April and have not experience any of that. I am very glad. I believe in prayer and Thank God for using Bob Canton to do his healing.

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She is in her early seventies and losing her sight six years ago. She is diabetic and she have been using a magnifying class to try to read or see and she cannot read any letters without the magnifying glass. Everyday, the day is foggy and cloudy to her. She cannot not see even near. She came to church when she heard Bob Canton were coming to do healing ministry. She is a believer in God and looked forward to come to church. Bob prayed over her. Praise the Lord, she can now see. She can see Father Raymund Ellorin now clearly. Before when he used to visit her, only his voice that she can able to tell that he is a man. She said she rejoice and likes what she can see on Father Raymund and the sorroundings. Bob asked if she could see outside the church through the entrance. Tina could see the Stop sign which is like 100 yards away from her. She could see the police car that is parked in front of the Police Station and later told Bob that the Policeman is going to the police car and moving away. She also could see the palm leaves that is swaying outside the church entrance.

She also suffers pains in her feet. She walks with cane and dolly. She also now feels stronger. Thank God, she is been healed.

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She is in her mid sixties and been using eyeglasses for years to see far and near. The bifocal eyeglasses is always follow her whenever she goes. She cannot read without them. She was one of those believer in Christ at this weekend when Bob Canton visited Lanai . She is a church goer and tries to come to masses every Sunday or weekend. That day, Bob prayed over her and she took out her glasses to wipe the tears she felt from praying. She noticed that the people she sees around are clear and she tried to read the songs without her eyeglasses, she was happy because now she can read those small lines. Thank you Lord Jesus for healing me, she said.

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Healing Service, July, 2004
Columbus, OH

Once I was blind, but now I see . A grateful Mary, whose central vision just got restored, hugs Bob Canton, in Columbus , OH . Joseph Rayen, of the Jesus and Mary Prayer Group, watches in joy and awe.

Ten years ago I was writing and my hand got stiff and I could not see out of my left eye. The doctors at the Cleveland Clinic diagnosed it as "central vein occlusion."Five years later, it happened again, this time in the other eye. It was also diagnosed by the doctors as "central vein occlusion."This resulted in my inability to see. Everything became a blur. Color perception, gone. I can no longer read, drive, and see faces. I "read"through tapes and listen to the news on TV without seeing.

Today, after the Healing Workshop and after Bob Canton prayed over me, I noticed I could see faces. I could see the face of Brother Bob. I could see the color of his necktie. I got so excited. I wanted to come home right away because I could not wait to see the face of my grandchild.

Mary Anderson

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It was my pleasure to meet you (Narisco Albarracin) and your associates again in Sarasota Florida two weekends ago. I have known Bob Canton for five years. Our meeting was the result of a healing service Bob held in Queens, New York that my son's mother-in-law attended. Her name is Lenni Capito. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and under-went surgery that left her with a partial breast. Several months after that surgery a lump was found in the partial breast the remained. Examinations proved that the lump was malignant and that the cancer had spread to Lenni's lymph nodes. The doctor's gave her no hope. That's when a friend told Lenni that Bob was visiting her local Catholic Church and convinced her to go to his healing service. When Lenni went up to Bob for a healing prayer, the Holy Spirit filled her and cast out the cancer that would have taken her life. Five years have gone by and, praise the Lord, Lenni is doing great!

My brother and sister-in-law had a daughter born with a serious desease resulting in several brain operations. I got Bob's telephone number from a printed letter left behind in New York and suggested that my brother-in-law call him for his daughter's benefit. Since then, my brother-in law and I have flowen Bob into Tampa twice for healing services that were attended by many local residents.

At the first healing service in Tampa, we watched a woman in her sixties schuffle into the building on two canes hardly able to take a step. Bob prayed over her and she fell back screaming and jerking her body violently on the floor. Bob went on with his prayers for fifteen minutes. Two men started to help the woman off the floor and Bob said "bring her back up here the Lord is not finished with her." Bob prayed over her a second time and again she fell to the floor - this time peacefully. After about ten minutes the same two men went to help her off the floor and Bob said, "leave her alone. She can get up by herself now." She did just that! Bob said, "walk up here to me." Which she did. Bob then said, "no, don't walk, run around this room." Which the woman did praising the Lord.

As Bob continued to pray he stopped midway through a story and said, "someone on this side of the room recently found out they had a stomache problem. Who is it?" No one got up and Bob contined with stories and song. He stopped again and said, "I'm getting a strong messge that someone on this side of the room in one of these rows found out they have a stomache problem. Who is it?" It turned out to be my mother-in-law, Mary Garraffa. We recently found out that she had a stomache anuerysm and a date for pre-surgery exams was already set up. Mary got up and Bob prayed for her. She fell back and laid on the floor for several minutes. Two weeks later her doctor advised my wife that the anuerysm was gone.

Four years ago a close friend told my wife that her father, Herbert Harris, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. They gave him a couple of months to live. I emailed Bob and asked him to pray for our friend's father. He did. Herbert Harris is alive to this day without lung cancer.

Three years ago we invited Bob back to Tampa Bay. We had a healing service in a Clearwater church. A girl friend's father, Richard, with terminal colon cancer attended. Bob prayed over Richard and made the sign of the cross on his forehead. Richard fell into my arms cancer free to this day.

One of my wife's older brothers attended that prayer service. Jerry is not a believer and he defiantly stared into Bob's eyes while Bob prayed for him. Bob stopped praying and said, "you are have a lot of problems with your sons aren't you." That was very true. Jerry started to cry and said "yes I am." Bob then focused his prayers on the relationship between Jerry and his sons while Jerry continued to cry. Their relationships are today fine.

When Bob visited Tampa Bay the first time, he prayed for my wife Mary and me and filled both of us with the Holy Spirit. It was, and always will be, the most beautiful feeling either of us have ever experienced. I fell to the floor with a feeling of peace that is simply beyond description. I have kept Bob, his family and his ministry in my prayers ever since.

Again, I'm very glad we met and hope to see you again in June in Orlando. God bless you and your family.

Walter R. Groteke

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