Bylaws Highlights


The Alliance Bylaws was originally adopted in 1999 with the following signatories: Robert C. Canton, Oscar Fernandez, Glenn Jover, Tony Azores, Letty Ramos, Narciso Albarracin, Jr., Greg Acedo.

The first revision was approved by the Board of Directors on March 29, 2008, at the conclusion of the Regional Conference held in Las Vegas, NV. The revision involved amendments to Article 4 which are summarized below.

  1. Elective officers (National Coordinator, National Treasurer, National Auditor, and Board of Directors) shall serve for a term of four years with unlimited reelection. (The original Bylaws limited the service of elective officers to 2 terms).
  2. Election of officers shall be conducted by an ad hoc Committee on Elections (COMELEC) chaired by a member of the Board. (The original Bylaws did not provide for a COMELEC).
  3. The Alliance is comprised of 13 Regions. The number of regions may be increased or decreased by the Board of Directors. (The original Bylaws defined the Alliance as consisting of 12 regions. The 13th region admitted to the Alliance is Hawaii/Pacific Islands Region).
  4. In consultation with the Board, the National Coordinator shall determine the appropriate number of Regional Coordinators in a given region. (The original Bylaws limited the number of Regional Coordinators to 5 per region. It has become obvious that areas with heavy concentrations of Filipino charismatic prayer communities require more than 5 coordinators).
  5. The Regional Coordinators of a region must elect a Lead Regional Coordinator for the purpose of unifying all activities and projects in a given region. (Article 6, Section 2.1)


Membership (3.1):
Membership in the Alliance is open but not limited to all Filipino Catholic charismatic prayer groups and prayer communities in North America.

Officers (4.1-4.3)

Elected Officers:
National Coordinator
National Treasurer
Board of Directors (5)
Term: 4 years. No limits to re-election.
Voting Members:
Regional Coordinators
Board of Directors
Appointed Officers (except Shepherds and Spiritual Advisers)
Manner of Voting:
By secret ballot
Proxies allowed
Board of Directors (5+2):
Elected members: 5
Automatic members: 2
    National Coordinator
    Immediate past National Coordinator
Term: 4 years. No limits to re-election.
Officers Appointed by the National Coordinator:
National Secretary
Director of Information
Systems Administrator
Vice National Coordinator/Youth
Vice National Coordinator/Funding
Vice National Coordinator/Finance
Vice National Coordinator/Administration
Regional Coordinators
Head Shepherd
Asst. Head Shepherd
Spiritual Advisers
Regional Coordinators
13 regions
No limits to number of regional coordinators
1. East Atlantic
2. Mid Atlantic
3. Southeastern
4. North Central
5. South Central
6. Rocky Mountain
7. Pacific Northwest
8. North Pacific
9. Mid Pacific
10. South Pacific
11. Hawaii/Pacific Islands
12. Eastern Canada
13. Western Canada
Simple majority
Board: 4 of 7


National Secretary:

National Treasurer:


Board of Directors:

Director of Information:

VNC-Youth Affairs:




REGIONAL COORDINATOR (Addendum, 7-31-13)

Election of Officers (4.2)
Election of officers shall be held either during the Biennial Convention or during the first national officers' meeting after the biennial convention. The timing of the election shall be determined by the Board of Directors. However, elections shall be held no later than 6 months after the biennial convention.