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The Alliance of Filipino Catholic Charismatic Prayer Communities (AFCCPC) is an umbrella and networking organization of Catholic prayer groups or communities, with Filipino membership, in the USA and Canada. We are an ethnic constituency of and participate with the National Service Committee of the Charismatic Renewal of the United States and share in its mission of stirring into flame the grace of Pentecost and strengthening the Catholic Charismatic Renewal with particular focus and emphasis on the needs of Filipinos.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an alliance of Filipino Catholic charismatic prayer communities in North America, networked for evangelization, growth in life in the Spirit, fellowship, mutual support, sharing of Christian witness and resources; organized and unified to promote unity and to represent and be the voice of the Filipino Catholic Charismatic ethnic stream in North America; and shepherded by the clergy functioning as spiritual advisers.

Our Mission

Our Geographic Scope

The Alliance encompasses 13 regions in the USA and Canada: East Atlantic, Mid Atlantic, Southeastern, North Central, South Central, Rocky Mountain, Pacific Northwest, North Pacific, Mid Pacific, South Pacific, Hawaii/Pacific, Eastern Canada, Western Canada.

Our National Conventions

In addition to Regional Conferences, the AFCCPC holds biennial National Conventions in odd-numbered years. A listing of more recent Conventions, where they were held, and who chaired them follows:

Our Newsletter

Our newsletter, The Trumpet, is published quarterly. Address queries, letters, requests for copies, and contributions to: P.O. Box 151284, Cape Coral, FL 33915. You may also send material by e-mail, preferably as Word attachments, to the editor, Ramon Mescallado, at this e-mail address: ramon@mescallado.com. Beginning with the September 2010 issue, The Trumpet is published in magazine format and is thematic and evangelistic in content. The current (2011) theme is on "Stewardship" and, simply put, the concept of stewardship is to go in peace to love and serve the Lord and encompasses the following four elements: (1) go; (2) peace; (3) love; (4) serve.

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Our Elected Officers

National Coordinator: Bob Canton
National Treasurer: Delia Tabasa
Auditor: Pablo Malana
Board of Directors:
     National Coordinator
     Ed Bilbao (appointed on 7-30-15)
     Ging Mangaliman
     Dr. Ray Caparros
     Agnes Nepomuceno
     Don Quilao
     Mae Hartberg