The 20th National Convention of the AFCCPC will be held in Vancouver, Canada, on October 4-6, 2019. National Coordinator Bob Canton made this announcement by email on August 1, 2019:

"I would like to make the announcement that I appointed Sister Lennie David as Co-Chairperson of our National Convention to be held in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, on October 4-6, 2019. Of course, the other Chairperson is Ethelyn David, the daughter of Sister Lennie. The appointment of Sister Lennie is effective on August 1, 2019. Sister Lennie has been actively serving the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Archdiocese of Vancouver for a long time. She has been the prime mover of the English-speaking Catholic Charismatic Conventions in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Kindly put her in your prayer lists, together with her daughter Ethelyn. Ethelyn is also active in the Marian Conventions. She has chaired the Marian Convention in the Archdiocese of Vancouver for the last two years. I believe that this mother-daughter tandem will be a great ingredient for a very appointed and successful AFCCPC National Convention in Vancouver. Please encourage the prayer groups in your respective areas to register right away. Thank you and God bless you all! To God be the glory, forever and ever, Amen!"

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Regional Coordinator, Western Canada Region

Ethelyn David of Vancouver, BC Canada, was appointed by Bob Canton as the first Regional Coordinator of the Western Canada Region. She belongs to Immaculate Conception Parish in North Delta, BC where she has been a parishioner with her family since 1976. At IC Delta she has supported her parish community in many ways throughout the years. Presently she is an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, a member of the Serra Club and Pro-Life Organization, and a resource to bring priests and lay speakers to the parish for retreats, parish missions, and healing services. She also attends the IC Delta Charismatic Prayer Group.

Ethelyn was born in Manila, but at the young age of 3, her father Emmanuel "Titus" was assigned to the Diplomatic Corps as Commercial Attaché in The Hague, Holland. The family of 6 with her mother Lennie and siblings lived there for 5 years until a new assignment to Brussels, Belgium came after 5 years. In Brussels she attended a Catholic French school where she became a fluent speaker in the French Language. When the family moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1976 Ethelyn completed her secondary schooling and graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BA in French Language and Literature. After graduation she started her career in the airline industry first with Delta Air Lines and then with Air Canada where she still works in the Customer Sales and Service Department. The travel privileges that came with her employment provides Ethelyn the opportunity to visit many shrines and pilgrimage places throughout the world. It also allows her to attend many Catholic Conferences, Retreats, and Missions. She has befriended many speakers and keeps in close contact with them. She calls on them to invite them to speak or preach in Vancouver.

It was in 1980 when Ethelyn first started attending Charismatic Prayer Meetings with a Young Adult Prayer Group, and it was then that she was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Going forward, she attended the 50th Anniversary of the Charismatic Renewal in Pittsburgh in 2017. At the Ark and the Dove, she gave her FIAT and told Jesus "You have given me many gifts and talents. Allow me to use them for You now. It is no longer about me anymore." After that the floodgates opened and she has been very busy in the Lord's Vineyard. Since that time she was inducted as a Dame in the Equestrian Order of Jerusalem, became a Board Member for the Foundation of Jesus the Divine Mercy, established the First Friday/First Saturday extended Adoration Vigil in her parish, became a pilgrimage leader for Mary's Pilgrims, a Media Missionary for Shalom World TV, Assistant to the President of the annual Winnipeg Marian Eucharistic Conference, and started her own non-profit organization: Mediatrix Conference where she organizes Marian Conferences and Divine Mercy Conferences. When available she accompanies Bob Canton on his speaking engagements in the US and Canada as his personal aide and MC. She is married to Darryl Draeger, a convert to the Catholic Faith. Their honeymoon was a 3 week pilgrimage to Italy which included a blessing from the Pope at St. Peter's. They spend a lot of time traveling and enriching their faith on Pilgrimages with groups or self directed itineraries. While Darryl is not as active as Ethelyn, he supports her wholeheartedly and is her "St. Joseph" - always there to help her. Ethelyn is also the proud mother of Austin.


National Coordinator Bob Canton has a second book in print entitled "AWESOME POWER FROM ON HIGH." It is an inspired presentation and teaching on the Holy Spirit and His charismatic gifts (1 Cor 12: 8-10) and fruit (Galatians 5:22-25), abundantly illustrated by Bob's personal experiences during his national and international healing rallies and evangelistic ministry. The book is prefaced by the Most Reverend Oscar A. Solis, D.D., Bishop of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Awesome Power from On High
by Robert "Bob" Canton

BOOK REVIEW by Dr. Narciso Albarracin, Jr.

Reading Bob Canton's new book, Awesome Power from On High, reminds me of something I read about a native being evangelized by Catholic priests, who said, "God the Father, I understand; God the Son, I understand; but God the Bird, I do not understand." Turns out that many Catholics don't either -- especially those not involved in the Charismatic Renewal. Bob Canton himself has made this observation based on his extensive international ministry (51 countries!): "Many are not conversant, familiar, or even aware of the nine charismatic gifts mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12." My wife, herself a cradle and pre-Vatican-II Catholic, had no idea what the nine charismatic gifts were, until we both got exposed and involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (and Bob Canton's healing ministry) in 1989.

Enter Bob Canton's second book, aptly titled, "Awesome Power from On High." Written with breath-taking speed and efficiency from January to March of 2019 (that's a period of 3 months!), especially considering his super-busy and travel demanding-ministry, I have no doubt that the "awesome power from on high" was operative and that Bob had high-level docility to the dictates of the Holy Spirit.

This book's laser-focus is on 1 Cor 12: 8-10. I am glad that Bob covered briefly Galatians 5:22-23 ("fruit of the Spirit") and I am delighted that he used the singular "fruit." The book opens with an insightful Foreword by Bishop Oscar Solis, now Bishop of Salt Lake City, Utah. The first chapter focuses on the Holy Spirit - who He is and what roles He plays in our lives. The second chapter is a comprehensive teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, bringing together the perspectives of the Church (Catechism of the Catholic Church), the Bible, the Church Fathers, and Bob's own insights and experiences. The rest of the book deals with the nine charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit, grouped into three - intellectual gifts, power gifts, and word gifts. There is a "wrap-up" chapter on "how to receive and use the awesome power from on high." The book concludes with three prayers recommended for daily recitation - healing and keeping prayer, prayer of empowerment, and spiritual warfare prayer.

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